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Our  Pr o g r a m s  a n d  S e r v i c e s : H o w   C an  W e  H e l p  Y o u ?   

Love in Action Ohio is a community resource referral agent providing various services and resources to the underserved communities in Ohio. We identify the needs of individuals and families in the community and refer them to our community partners.  Our mission is to empower people to overcome poverty, homelessness, joblessness and hunger to improve their quality of life. LOVE in Action Ohio commits to provide the residents of Ohio with services, opportunities and resources that will help them overcome life challenges. 

Community Outreach Services
  • Food Distribution Services

  • Community Pantry 

  • Emergency Food Services

  • Homeless Missions

  • Clothing Distribution Services

  • Rental Referral Assistance Program

  • Utility Referral Assistance Program

  • Assistance with applying for SNAP and Medicaid

  • Senior Services (55 plus)

Women's Support Services
  • Women Support Group (Ladies of Victorious Empowerment)

  • GED Preparation Referral Program 

  • Career Training Referral Program

  • Assistance for Pregnant Women 

  • Assistance with applying for WIC program 

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Program 

Volunteer Group

Become a Volunteer with LOVE in Action Ohio. Join Us Now...

Youth Support Services
  • Youth Life Skills Training Referral Program 

  • Employment and Career Training for High Schoolers

  • Community Recreational Activities

  • Free Computer Referral Program 

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Training Employment Assessment Mentorship
  • Job Search Assistance 

  • Resume Writing Assistance

  • Career Counseling

  • Interview Skills Assistance

  • Life Skills Counseling 

  • Employment Training

  • Striving 4 Excellence Mentorship Program

Men's Support Services
  • Men's Support Group (My Brother's Keeper) 

  • Career Training Referral program

  • GED preparation referral program

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Program 

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